There's no such thing as the perfect dog
People will say to you
And when it comes to Shelties
Boy, is that ever true!

Some are too big and some too small
Some hardly have any hair at all
Some are to bold and some shy
Some have a short tail or a big round eye

Crooked legs and splayed out toes
Pricked ears and hound ears and odd coloured nose
The perfect Sheltie just can't be made
But here's one thing that's great

To be perfect in their owners' eyes
Shelties only need one part
And every Sheltie I ever met
Had that loving Sheltie heart.



When I wake each morning she is there
Her warm tongue,satiny smooth,
strokes my cheek in daybreak greeting,
the happiest 'hello' I will ever receive.

Her paws rest upon my chest in quiet patience,
her eyes already agleam with mischief,
her tail twitching like a cat's.

The moment I stir she bounds from the bed and dances,
laughing wildly at the morning cobwebs,
and chases me through the house and to the door
a madcap race.

The door I open for her happy body
and she bounds through the gap,
racing down the steps to pause and glance back.

She speaks to me once,
an invitation to join her in her frolic on the wet grass
and then she is gone in a dash,
exploring the secrets of the early morning garden.



I have a guardian angel,
who has a fuzzy face.
she likes to press her cold nose
right upon my face.

She gives me sheltie kisses,
and helps tuck me into bed.
Then she rest right down beside me
and lays down her own sweet head.

She snuggles up beside me
and whispers in my ear.
"I love you little child
you have nothing to fear,
for I will be watching over you
all through out the night"

"I will watch the shadows,
as they creep across the wall
and listen for the little mouse
that might run down the hall"

"I will bark to warn your mom and dad
if something seems a little queer.
No need to worry that a burglar
may break in our home my dear".

So you see I know that I am safe
and loved by my furry sheltie friend.
She'll always be right by my side
until the journeys end.