In Memory Of My Beloved
Peter was my friend,my soul mate.Loving father
to our three sons. Daniel, Derek, and Nicholas.
Grandfather to Kevin who passed away from SIDS at
two and a half months. Devon, Taylor, Aaron and
We are sharing some of our special moments to
the most wonderful and loving person we know.
Peter was a big part of our Kennel. He so loved
his dogs and puppies. He taught me how to do our
web page and was very patient with me. We traveled
all over with the children. He is in our hearts for ever.
Peter will be missed by  all who knew him. I will love
you forever. Petes favorite artist is Yanni and we
picked one of his songs for his page.

We were married on September 28 1974.
We had just celebrated our 29th year.
Daniel our oldest grade  eight graduation.

Derek our second oldest grade eight graduation

Nicholas our youngest son grade eight graduation

Nicholas and Lee-Ann's wedding 2001

Photo's below of our younger days in which we
enjoyed every day.and shared special moments.

Taken in 1982.

Joking around outside.

Our many trips to the US

Xmas 1992.

Xmas 1993.

50-60 dance 1995.

50-60  dance 1995 I won that year.

Always joking around.

Photo's of the simple things in life he loved. The smell
of the apple trees in bloom.The trees in our back yard
when fall came. His knowledge for history of planes,
trains and old cars.Pete loved to read and share all
that he knew. He had patience for any one who needed
help and he asked of nothing but your friendship. We
share some of the photo's below.

This page is dedicated to my wonderful and loving husband.